Tomkins Farm

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Tomkins Farm
  • Capacity: up to 5 MW
  • Size: 11 hectares
  • Status: Planning application

The site has been selected due to its south facing, gently sloping fields in an area of high irradiation, and because it is relatively secluded. No nearby properties have a direct or near view of the site from front or rear of their properties, with the exception of one property which is one field away. There are no public rights of way across the land. A full landscape and visual impact assessment was undertaken. Land grade is low and not viable for arable farming. The farmer would continue to graze the land with sheep if a solar farm is installed. An initial public consultation was held in October 2013 to listen to the differing views of councillors and local residents. A formal public consultation followed in March 2014, and a planning application has been submitted to Lewes District Council. The solar farm has been reduced from its original size and landscaping proposals will be implemented to mitigate the visual impact of the solar farm.